US Army Combat
Applications Group
Elite Brigade 25th Ann.
Green Beret Set
M65 Field Jacket Sets
(3 to choose from)
DC Comics
Park Benches
(3 to choose from)
Chinese Expeditionary
Force (WWII)
Killer Instinct
Captain America
(STRIKE Stealth Suit)
Captain America &
Steve Rogers Combo Set
Lord of the Rings
Elite Brigade
Repro Packs
Elite Brigade
Repro Belts
Elite Brigade
Repro Canteen Pouches
Elite Brigade
Repro E-Tool Carriers
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Just Announced

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Storm Shadow
True Master Head Sculpt
(Deluxe & Regular Sets)
Safari Limited Assorted
Animals & Insects
Roman Deurne Helmet
Roman Cavalry Helmet
Roman Aquilifer
Roman Legionary with
Marching Pack
Roman Legionary
Military Sweaters
(Blue, Black, OD)
Spider Tactical Boots
(Tan, Black)
Fashion Boots
(Black, White, Blue)
Jeans & Belts Sets
(White, Gray)
Detroit 8 Mile Road
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