1:12 Scale PX Exclusive
Captain Rogers
Arbazz: Afghani
Civilian Fighter (1980s)
Monkey King (Protector
of Horses Version)
Monkey King (3 Heads
6 Arms Version)
Lee Chinese
Outfit Set
German Motorcycle
Driver Uniform Set
Figure Set
USMC 3rd Force
Recon Parted Out
US Navy SEAL Team
6 Parted Out
Cybernetic Explorer
Jungle Ambush Outfit
The Vet Outfit Set
(Version 1)
The Vet Outfit Set
(Version 2)
M4A3 Sherman
Tank Model Kit
1/4 Ton 4x4 Truck
Model Kit
Female Head Sculpt
Just Announced

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Recent Arrivals / Coming Soon
Wilma Deering
Power of the Valkyrie
Female Seamless Figure
(Brown Skin)
Roman Centurion
War Horse for
Teutonic Knight
Male Body
Male Body
War Horse
For General
Dio Base & Stand
Iron Man Mk XV
Armor "Shotgun"
1:7 Scale
HALO: Master Chief
1:7 Scale
Batman (Spartan Ver.)
1:12 Scale
Doc (2 versions)
Free Sample