Snake Ji Outfit
& Head Sculpt Set
Female Bunny Outfits
(3 colors)
"Mermaid" Evening
Gowns (5 colors)
Frank Chambers
Lady Dragon
The Megtant
The Variant
Masada/ACR Rifles
(5 versions)
Joseph Stalin
Folding Tables &
Chairs (assorted)
Roman Republic
Centurion "Lucius"
Bank Robbers Team
Leader & Crew Sets
Spetsnaz MVD OSN
Basic Adventurer Uni
Set (Classic Camo)
Zombie Scientist
Just Announced

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Recent Arrivals / Coming Soon
SOCF Female Soldier
Uniform Set
MC Army Combat
Uniform (for females)
Gladiator Armor Set
(convention exclusive)
ARC Clone Trooper
Fuzz Heads
Australian Bush Hats
(3 colors)
Fatigue Caps
(6 colors)
Russian Spetsnaz
in Beslan
Vintage Body
Repair Kits
Bank Robber
Outfit Set
Polar Mtn. Striker
Uniform Set
Male Head Sculpts
US Navy Deck Crew Unis
HALO Uni Set
US Army Special Forces
HALO Uni Set
Free Sample