Luke Skywalker
Darth Vader
Judge Dredd
101st Airborne Div
(Hamburger Hill 1969)
Agency Globar
Response Staff
Hong Kong SDU
Assault (K-9 Unit)
Chinese 8th Route
Army Gunner
1/10 Scale ALIENS
Xenomorph (arcade ver.)
1/10 Scale ALIENS
Hicks & Hudson
Mark Forester
Men's Fashion Apparel
Set (2 versions)
MP Scarf
(olive drab)
MP Scarf
(Mitchell  camo)
Just Announced

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Recent Arrivals / Coming Soon

Tanker Jacket
(blue, black, brown)

Paid Assassin
Outfit Set
Savannah Explorer
Outfit Set
Mountain Explorer
Outfit Set
WWII German
MG-42 Machine Gunner
Winter Uniform Set
Falcon-Style Secret Agent
Outfit Set
Malinois Dog
(agressive stance)
Tactical Body Armor
for Working Dog
Female Seamless Bodies
(assorted styles)
Hot Girl Gunner
Outfit Set
WW2 Soviet Sniper
Uniform Set
Snake Ji
Outfit Set
Dou Zhan Shen Series
Male Seamless Body
Robot Outfit
with Coffin

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