Zombie Eradication
Response Team
Knight Hospitaller
Venture Bros. 8" Retro
Action Figures
WWII German R75
Motorcycles with Sidecar
US Army 75th Ranger
(Training Version)
Six Million Dollar Man
8" Retro Figures
Spade J
(STGCC Version)
(Battle Damaged)
RoboCop & Alex Murphy
Figure Set
The Agent
Qin Hui & Yue Fei
Figure Set
Qin Shi Huangdi
V for Vendetta
Double Face
Col. Zach Taylor
Just Announced

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Lost Planet 2
Crimson with Lupa
Firearm Collection A
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12" G.I. Joes
Death Bringer
USMC Recon Bttn.
M27 Rifleman
Spetsnaz FSB Alpha
Park Benches
(3 colors to choose)
Outllaw Monk
Lu Zhishen
Black Bunny "Phoebe"
Black Bunny "Gloria"
8" Retro Superman
Figure Series 1
Male Nude Body
Gandalf the White
Caucasian Female
Bodies (4 Bust Sizes)
Free Sample