1:10 Scale Police
Assault Station
WWII Soviet
Sniper Uniform Set
Defending Seaport 16
Figure & Box Set
Speacial Forces
(Middle East Theater)
Bella Head Sculpts
(choice of two sculpts)
African American
Male Head Sculpt
25th Infantry Division
(Op. Cliff Dweller IV)
"Andrew" Male
Muscular Body
"Christian" Male
Muscular Body
E-Web Heavy
Repeating Blaster
Sleeveless Mermaid
Gowns (assorted)
Women's Denim
Outfit Sets (blue/black)
The Darkzone Agent
Women's Lingerie
Sets (white/black)
Just Announced

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Recent Arrivals / Coming Soon
Talker Leg Elastic
Repair Kit
Muscle Body
Repair Kit
Talker String
Repro Green Beret
Flash (metal)
US Navy
SEAL Team 6
Fuzz Heads
1:10 Scale Terminator
(Video Game Version)
USMC 3rd Force Recon
Light Speed Boy
Yellow Turban
Rebellion: Spear
AT Vehicle
Decal Set
Sea Wolf
Decal Set
Mongol Invasion
Cavalry Archer
HERO-Type Bodysuits
(Male/Assorted Colors)
HERO-Type Bodysuits
(Female/Assorted Colors)
Free Sample