MP-Style Scarves
M35 A2 Military
Transport Truck
Female Head Sculpt
with Pony Tail
White Horse
for General
Agent James
(2 Versions)
Jason Vorhees
Dead Soldier
German Camo Uniform
Sets (Assorted)
1:12 Scale
Hermione Granger
(Casual Version)
Scottish General
Andrew Male Body
Cargo Shorts
(Woodland Camo)
Cybernetic Dog Tag
(Glows in the Dark)
Adversaries Berets
(Choice of Red or Black)
Just Announced

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Adventurer Shirt
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Tan Jungle Fighter
Repro Pith Helmet
Mummy's Tomb
Repro Mini-Comic
SFOD-D Assault
Team Leader
Russian Spetsnaz
MVD in Chechyna
Boston Terrier
The Cowboy
(Version G)
Inspector Harry
Jon Snow
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