Female Caucasian
Body (headless)
Female Asian Figure
(straight hair)
Female Asian Figure
(curly hair)
1/12 Scale Daredevil
(PX Exclusive)
1/12 Scale Joker
Carol Outfit
with Head Sculpt
Carol Head Sculpt
with Poncho (bloodied)
Carol Head Sculpt
(battle damaged)
Special Mission Unit Tier 1
Operator (US version)
Spear of K-Stone
(2 versions)
American Leader
Leather Jacket Set
Jason Born
Li Mu Bai
Weather Manipulator
The Mask
Just Announced

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Green Beret (AT Flash)

Brown Beret (AT Flash)
Repro Pencil
with Lead Tip
Repro Mummy Pick
Repro ATV Winch Pulley
Repro ATV Winch Set
Cybernetic Explorer
Hand Copter Carrier Set
Repro Kung Fu Grip Hands
(two color styles)
Repro Kung Fu Grip Wrist
Pegs (two color styles)
Late Era  Repro Weapons
1/10 Scale ALIENS
1/10 Scale ALIENS
Albino Alien
1/10 Scale ALIENS
Series 9 Set
Hell Messenger
Women's Lingerie Outfit
Sets (black or white)

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