Obi-Wan Kenobi
Retro 8-Inch
Interstellar Figure Set
Aliens 1:10 Scale
Power Loader
Retro 8-Inch
Friday the 13th: Jason
Heroes of the Storm
1:10 Scale Figure Set
1:4 Scale Superman
Moscow OMON
Police Uniform Set
82nd Airborne Div.
Age of Ultron
Ultron Prime
Mine Detector
Gladiator General
(Arena Version)
Gladiator General
(Final Battle Version)
Gladiator General
(Deluxe Version)
Play Arts Kai
Play Arts Kai
Master Chief
Just Announced

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Recent Arrivals / Coming Soon
Pirate Outfit Sets
(3 versions)
US .45 Shoulder Holster
Tom Horne Style
Cowboy Hats (various)
WWII Soviet Sniper
Roman Legionary
Male Muscular Body
Roman General
Uniform Set
"Fuzzy" Heads
(various sculpts)
Retro 8-Inch Deluxe
Spider Man Set
Z.E.R.T Jameson
Youngblood Deathridge
Snow Space Outfit Set
Men's Tank Top
& Briefs (black & white)
Female Shooter
Uniform Set (black)
FBI Uniform Set
(version 2)
US Army
Uniform Set
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