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US Vietnam War 'Peace Company'
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US Vietnam War 'Peace Company'

Brand: ACE worksbusy
Part Number:GIACE-13034
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Head sculpt 
Female body 
Bare hands 
M1 helmet 
Mitchell pattern helmet cover 
Half-sleeve knot tie crop blouses 
OG 107 pants (2nd pattern) 
USMC M1955 ?ack vest  (2nd pattern) Patches 
Montagnard trouser weave belt 
US Spike Protective Jungle Boots 3rd pattern DMS Spike Sole 
M1956 individual equipment belt  (Female length) 
Jungle ?rst aid pouch 
1 quart canteens x 2 
M1956 1 quart canteen covers x 2 
M79 Bandolier 
3 round plastic spacers x 2 
Pistol magazines pouch 
Pistol holster 
M1911A1 pistol 
M79 40mm grenade launcher 
Ka-bar combat knife w/ sheath 
M18 smoke grenade red 
M18 smoke grenade violet 
M26 grenades x 2 
40mm grenade x 6 pcs 
GI watch 
Peace symbol badge

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