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Death Dealer and Throne Set
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Death Dealer and Throne Set

Brand: Phicen Limited
Part Number:GIPH-2017102B
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A massive fifty foot wall of stone and wrought iron separates the land of civilization from the land of the Death Dealer. The Death Dealer has eyes of fire and is the embodiment of darkness. He executes anyone who dares to enter his domain with one fell swoop of his mighty axe. He controls an army of the living dead, ready to answer to his command. If you are banished beyond the wall into the realm of the Death Dealer, you will never be heard from again.

Based on an iconic fantasy painting by Frank Frazetta, the Death Dealer concept has spawned numerous comics, novels, game adaptations, and even appeared on the cover of the band Molly Hatchet's eponymous 1978 album. The Death Dealer is also the official mascot of the U.S. Army's III Corps, and life-size statues of the Death Dealer are displayed at the Corps headquarters in Fort Hood, Texas.

This version comes with the eerie gothic throne and pile of skulls.


- Throne
- Base with one removable skeleton accessory
- Armored head
- Phicen 5th generation seamless male body with metal armature
- 5 pairs interchangeable hands
- Shoulder strap
- Cape
- Breastplate with toothed accessories
- Black sleeveless robe
- Briefs
- Shoulder guards
- Thread accessory to fasten on one arm
- Wrist guards
- Midsection armor skull plate and belt
- Lower leg guards
- Chainmail-like leg skirt with attached thigh guards
- Battle footwear with spurs
- Battle sword and sheath
- Sword with sheath
- Shield

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